About XPG

Xtreme Performance Gear (XPG) was founded by ADATA and is dedicated to providing high performance products for gamers, e-sport pros, and tech enthusiasts.

XPG works closely with the community and applies insight into consumers' needs. Every XPG-branded product surpasses stringent ADATA A+ testing methodology, which ensures the highest standards for superior product stability and ultra-high performance. Not only does the XPG line sport solid technical features, its strength shines through with sheer cool designs that have earned prestigious accolades worldwide such as Good Design from Japan and Taiwan Excellence Gold Award.

XPG delivers extreme gaming experiences to help gamers make every moment exciting. For more details, please visit www.xpg.com.

XPG’s extreme gaming experience

Makes every moment exciting. Comprised of two separate parts, the XPG symbol draws on the infinite power of the “energy storm”. An energy vortex full of positive power is at center of the symbol, demonstrating XPG’s dedication to creating top-level eSports gears for all gamers’ needs. The outer edge represents Poseidon’s Trident, symbolizing aggressive fighting power and expressing XPG’s willingness to fight through challenges and break free of limitations.


XPG is for users who truly enjoy gaming and places an emphasis on supporting gamers worldwide, whether casual or professional.


XPG is committed to providing the greatest gaming hardware and ensuring the best gaming experiences.

XPG Milestones



The SX9000 PCIe3x4 M.2 SSD with Marvell controller launches as the fastest-ever ADATA or XPG consumer SSD with read speeds of up to 2800MB/s, designed for high end gaming and VR PCs.


The SPECTRIX line debuts with SPECTRIX D40 RGB DDR4 featuring full customization via compatibility with ASUS AURA Sync and similar apps. Combines high speed 4000MHz performance with an attractive design for case modders and RGB fans.


Official announcement of GAMMIX product line, initially consisting of the GAMMIX S10 PCIe3x4 M.2 SSD (1800/850MBs read/write) and GAMMIX D10 DDR4 – available in red and black heatsink colors. GAMMIX S10 uses a heatsink for cool performance, while GAMMIX D10 delivers speeds up to 3000MHz on Intel and AMD platforms.


XPG joins Computex 2017 and revealed numerous new products beyond SSDs and RAM. These include headphones, mouse and keyboard sets, in-ear headsets, and even RGB mouse pads.


XPG announces official cooperation with renowned ahq e-Sports Club, helping promote professional gaming and tapping growing e-sports coverage.


XPG Z1 and Flame DDR4 modules receive AMD validation for the AM4/Ryzen platform, making them among the first modules in the industry to receive such certification.



XPG expands its commitment to superior-performance with the release of the SX8000 PCIe3x4 M.2 SSDs with NVMe 1.2, delivering up to 2500MB/s read and 1100MB/s write.



XPG creates a complete lineup of VR-ready products, including Dazzle LED DDR4 at up to 4133MHz and the SX950 SSD (first in the industry covered by a 6-year warranty). XPG commences cooperation with War Gaming, publishers of World of Tanks and World of Warships.


Branching further into pro gaming, XPG begins the sponsorship of US-based e-sports team CompLexity Gaming and China-based EP E-Sports Club. Together, these endeavors help XPG gain major exposure in the global professional gaming scene.


The SX930 gaming SSD launches, featuring premium MLC+ NAND Flash for increased endurance even when faced with the extreme demands of AAA game titles.



XPG Z1 DDR4 wins the prestigious Japan Good Design Awards.


During Computex 2014, XPG releases its bestselling Z1 DDR4 and announces close strategic cooperation with Intel.



At Computex 2011, ADATA and XPG partner Said Velasquez demonstrate overclocking using XPG DDR3 reaching 2133MHz on air cooling.


Following CES 2011, XPG reveals new high speed DDR3 modules alongside premium quality ADATA-branded power supplies.



XPG DDR3 2000MHz gaming memory modules launch to much acclaim and positive reception among gamers and media.


XPG adds 8GB dual channel kits to its DDR3 gaming memory line.


XPG DDR3 is among the first to receive full support and validation on ASUS P7-series motherboards with the Intel P55 Express chipset.