The jack plug on the EMIX I30 supports sound for the headset and the use of a microphone; and is therefore best suited for smartphones; tablets and other mobile devices. PCs support sound and the use of a microphone via separate sockets; so for the EMIX I30 to work properly with a PC a Single-Input Dual-Output (SIDO) converter is required.


XPG PRECOG ANALOG is a more basic version of the XPG PRECOG. The headphone body is exactly the same. The XPG PRECOG is equipped with a USB TYPE-C control box. XPG PRECOG ANALOG is equipped with a 3.5mm control box. Both models support Hi-Res Audio.
Only a USB TYPE-C control box can support LEDs. The 3.5mm interface does not support lighting.


Make sure the 3.5mm jack plug is completely inserted into the SOLOX F30. To provide enhanced transmission capabilities; the audio output socket is constructed with metal; and as a result?has a tighter fit. The tighter fit may cause the jack plug to appear to be completely plugged in.
Ensure your XPG headset has been set as the default audio device. Right click the sound icon on the taskbar. Select audio device (P) XPG High-Speed True HD Audio and set it as default (S).
The audio receiver is located on the side with the microphone icon and a jack socket. The light indicates if the microphone has been properly installed. It does not indicate if the microphone has been muted or is recording.


Hi-Res content is lossless and requires an analog signal for optimal performance. Audio Class Devices via USB compromise on range of depth in exchange for higher compatibility and portability.
3.5mm connectors do not provide enough power to turn the LEDs on. Therefore; LEDs are only available via USB.
While most people are not able to hear over 18 KHz; the additional resolution in frequency reduces distortion thanks to the electrostatic diaphragm.
Both technologies are designed to eliminate noise, however they utilize different methods to achieve this and are used for different purposes:
● ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) generates sound waves that are the same as the external noise and thus cancels each other out for a more immersive headphone experience.
● ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) eliminates ambient noise received by the microphone so that users can clearly communicate with others.
XPG PRECOG has a high sampling rate (24 KHz instead of the usual 18 KHz on other headsets) thanks to a higher-end dual-chip DSP solution for the Analog-To-Digital conversion (ADC).
The processing of cancellation is done close to real time with no audible time lag. Delays in voice transmissions are dependent on network topology and software package transmission priorities.
We have tested our headphones with success with many different software including DISCORD; Teamspeak; Skype; and several other apps with success. BTW; the headset works great for conference calls too!
Our testing showed no issues with all the latest portable consoles and gaming phones. At the time of launch; we only encountered compatibility issues with devices that only support 2 Channels via USB and with some newer Huawei phones.. However; most of these devices still offer a headphone jack.

Keyboard &Mouse


CORDURA® is a collection of fabric technologies used in a wide array of products including luggage; backpacks; trousers; military wear and performance apparel. Cordura fabrics are durable and resistant to abrasions; tears and scuffs.
Please use a clean damp cloth to clean the product properly. Do not use any soaps or solvent agents on the mouse pad surface to preserve its integrity.
Please roll XPG BATTLEGROUND with the printed side facing outward and the rubber side facing inward.


CORDURA® is a collection of fabric technologies used in a wide array of products including luggage; backpacks; trousers; military wear and performance apparel. Cordura fabrics are durable and resistant to abrasions; tears and scuffs.
Please use a clean damp cloth to clean the product properly. Do not apply any soap or solvent agent on the surface to preserve its integrity.
Please roll XPG BATTLEGROUND with the printed side facing outward and the rubber side facing inward.
XPG BATTLEGROUND XL PRIME comes with Micro-USB to USB cable. This provides power for the LED lighting
No; you can setup the lighting through the control box on the top left hand corner. (refer to question 5)
There are two light strips on the mouse pad; you can select the light strip you would like to control; you can also select both light strips.
Step 1- Double click the control button to select the light strip.
Step 2- The selected lighting strip will flash; you can also select both light strips; in which case both will flash.
Step 3- Click the control button to change the lighting color/effect.


Windows 7/8/10 have a built-in screenshot function called


XPG PRIMER was designed mainly for casual gamers that want a good mouse with all ley functionalities and for those who are approaching gaming mice for the first time. The mouse was created with simplicity in mind without falling short on a durable high quality build. It was sculpted for right-handed users and the curves have been studied to be adaptable well for all types of grips on small and medium sizes hands. Larger hands are also suitable for fingertip grips. The raised center ridge on the buttons is ideal to help finding immediately an optimal curvature for fingers and to apply an ideal pressure for rapid and precise clicks.
As most mice, just connect the XPG PRIMER to your device via its USB port and your OS will automatically recognize the mouse within the built-in USB HID driver.
The original intent of this design is mainly for those users that want a mouse which is very simple to use and hassle-free. Cross-platform users will also appreciate the simple button programming combinations without a dependency to a specific OS. For those power users requiring Macro editing, a macro tool will be available free to download as part of our XPG Prime ecosystem later in Q3 or you can use any third party tools available on the web.
You can select RGB effects with the dedicated RGB button located below the scroll wheel, under the DPI Selector.
The XPG PRIMER has 3 light effects. Default effect is color wave. If the light is turned off, you can press the RGB setting key to check and change the current light setting.
XPG Primer has 6 DPI settings. Default is 800 DPI. To change the setting during gameplay simply press the DPI button right underneath the scroll wheel. When the new setting is being stored in the internal memory the light will flash 3 times to indicate that the new setting has been saved as default
XPG Primer features three polling rates, 250Hz (blue), 500Hz (green), and 1000Hz (red). To change polling rates, hold down the right button and scroll wheel together for 3 seconds. Light will flash to indicate that the new adjustment has been stored successfully.


CHERRY MX switches are the absolute industry benchmarks; developed and manufactured in Germany.
XPG SUMMONER accessories include a magnetic wrist rest; additional nine red keycaps (WASD; four arrow keys and ESC) and a keycap puller.
Here are the characters of the different switches; you can choose the one that fits best for you; Alternatively; try the switches at your nearest XPG dealer and choose the best fit for you.
No software is needed; you can setup the lighting through the keyboard. (refer to question 3)
You can setup the lighting through the keyboard.
Press FN + UP/DOWN arrow key to adjust the lighting brightness
There are 5 lighting selections in the following sequence: OFF / 25% / 50% / 75% / 100%
Press FN + LEFT/RIGHT arrow key to choose a lighting effect
There are 7 predefined Lighting effects in the following sequence: Static / Breathing / Trigger / Explosion / Color Cycle / Color Wave / WASD mode
【XPG SUMMONER How-to Video】How to adjust the RGB lighting effects on XPG SUMMONER-
Please use a clean damp cloth to clean the product properly.
Do not apply any soap or solvent agent on the surface to preserve its integrity.
You can remove the keycaps using the keycap puller.
Under the normal mode, Windows key can be disabled or abled by pressing “FN” + “WINDOWS” key. Windows key is disabled by default when gaming mode is on, including when under any gaming profiles and cannot be activated.
【XPG SUMMONER How-to Video】How to disable Windows key-
Under the normal mode; the static color is red of your XPG SUMMONER. Static colors are assigned by default to each gaming profile as follows: Profile 1: blue;Profile 2: indigo; Profile 3: white; Profile 4: green; Profile 5: yellow.



You can install up to eight fans on the XPG BATTLECRUISER. If your RGB fans has a 3pin or 4pin RGB header; it can be controlled with XPG PRIME CONTROLLER on the front I/O panel.
Yes; the XPG BATTLECRUISER has two USB 3.0 ports and a USB Type-C port on the front I/O panel.
XPG BATTLECRUISER comes with four ARGB fans; three in the front and one in the back.
The XPG BATTLECRUISER can support graphic cards up to 400mm in length.
XPG BATTLECRUISER supports E-ATX; ATX; Micro ATX and Mini-ITX motherboards.
XPG BATTLECRUISER can accomodate radiators up to 360mm in the front; 360mm on the top and 120mm at the back. Please note you cannot install two 360mm radiators at the same time.
Please consult USB 3.0 connection section of your motherboard's.


Please only use the modular cables bundled with the power supply unit. DO NOT use any third party cables or extension cables.
Japanese manufacturers are a leader in the development of new water-based electrolyte systems with enhanced conductivity; and they produce the most reliable and best-performing products.
If your system does not turn on after installing the power supply, please follow the troubleshooting guide listed below: 1. Make sure the AC main power cord is connected to your PC correctly.
2. Please make sure the AC source is switched On
3. Please make sure the AC On/Off switch on the back panel of the power supply unit in the “I” (On) position.
4. Please make sure the MB & CPU Power Socket & connectors are connected correctly on the Motherboard.
5. If you still have problem turning on your PC, please contact ADATA Tech Support, Service Center or your local dealer.
.NEVER, under any circumstances, open the power supply unit or attempt to repair the power supply yourself. This is extremely dangerous due to the high voltage.
.DO NOT insert any objects into the fan grill or the ventilation area of the power supply unit.
.DO NOT place any objects in front of the fan or the ventilation area of the power supply unit that may obstruct or restrict the airflow.
.USE ONLY the modular cables bundled with the power supply unit. DO NOT use any third party cables or extension cables with this unit.
.Avoid dust, humidity, and temperature extremes. Do not place the power supply unit in any area where it may become wet.
.The power supply unit is for integration into a computer, and not intended for external or outdoor usage.
.Failure to comply with any manufacturer instructions and/or any of these safety instructions will immediately void all warranties and guarantees.


You can install up to nine fans on the XPG INVADER. If your RGB fans have a 3pin or 4pin RGB header; they can be controlled via the XPG PRIME CONTROLLER on the front I/O Panel.
Yes; the XPG INVADER has two USB 3.0 ports on the front I/O panel.
XPG INVADER comes with two black fans; one in the front and one in the back.
The XPG INVADER supports graphics cards up to 400mm in length. Be sure to confirm the size when purchasing a graphics card.
The XPG INVADER supporst ATX; Micro ATX and Mini-ITX motherboards
XPG INVADER can accomodate radiators up to 360mm in front; 240mm radiators on the top and side; and 120mm radiators at the back.
Please consult the USB 3.0 connection section on your motherboard's manual.
You can install two SSD behind the motherboard tray in the 2.5" hard drive bracket and two SSD in the hard drive brackets under the PSU cover. Note, when you install four SSD’s you will forgone space for 3.5" hard drives.


USE ONLY the modular cables bundled with the power supply unit. DO NOT use any third party cables or extension cables with this unit.
XPG LEVANTE is filled with low-evaporation coolant rated with a 50;000 hours lifespan. You will never have to worry about refilling the coolant.
The XPG LEVANTE is build and tested to ensure leakage doesn't occur.
XPG LEVANTE is designed to synchronize with ASUS Aura Sync; GIGABYTE RGB Fusion; MSI Mystic Light Sync and AsRock Polychrome. If your motherboard has a 5V addressable RGB header; you can control the lighting effect through the respective software. For more details; please refer to the motherboard manufacturer's website.
The XPG LEVANTE supports Intel 1366; 115x ; 2066; 2011 and AMD AM4 socketsXPG LEVANTE support Intel 1366; 115x ; 2066; 2011 and AMD AM4 sockets.

PC system

XPG XENIA Gaming Notebook

We have currently launched in USA, Latin America and Taiwan. Other countries availability is under planning. Please check the product page in the near future to see if the product is coming to your region, or ping us on our members area or social websites for more information.
XPG XENIA provides an approved preset called “Performance mode” that pushes the limit of the laptop by boosting wattage of both GPU and CPU to the limit of the thermal solution, trading off an increase of fan noise and touch temperatures to increase power. This option is available via its dedicated button next to the power button or via XPG Prime software configuration.
While you should have a bit of fun, remember that heavily manipulating voltages for logical parts using third party tools may result in shorter lifespan of your unit and in some cases may even void warranty.
BTW, the Laptop is already slightly undervolted by factory default to improve performance and reduce throttling.
2 years limited warranty starting from valid proof of purchase.
If the proof of purchase is not available, the manufacturing date will be taken into consideration, as calculated by the serial number of the unit.

Please note that some parts that are consumable in nature, like Battery and AC Adapter have a more restrictive warranty of one year. For Display panels we will replace the unit within the first 30 days of purchase if a bright dot is found.
As with the vast majority of Gaming Notebooks, XPG XENIA is designed to maximize performance, therefore it is not recommended to be used directly on your lap. While our touch temperatures are within range of safety, it is still recommended to avoid direct contact and it is suggested to use a base in between instead, especially for longer period or when operating under Performance Mode, as XPG XENIA may get uncomfortably hot. Additionally, consider that air intakes at the bottom of your device should not be blocked at all time, as reducing cooling airflow may push the device to be warmer and even trigger a shut down if not enough fresh air is drawn in to cool the system.
XPG offers 2 modules of 16GB DDR4 Dual Channel So-DIMM for a total of 32GB clocked at 2666MHz.
This is an ongoing debate in our Gaming community. In general, you will benefit from avoiding glitches in your crucial kills due to swap memory buffering. Plus, you’ll thank us next year when all game textures will be in 8K or when you want to decide to edit that high resolution video of yours. And how about bragging rights, anybody? ;)
We build our own memory modules, starting from cutting wafers and all the way through packaging and board mounting. For XPG Xenia we handpicked only the best parts of wafers to put in your notebook.
1Tb of our award-winning SSD – SX8200 Pro PCIe NVMe Gen3x4 M.2 2280 with stunning speeds of sequential read/write speeds up to 3500MB/s and 3000MB/s.

Note that average tested speeds on notebooks are expected to be around 10% lower due to power saving features.
We do try to provide the best possible configuration to future-proof your notebook. However, there is an unpopulated M.2 SSD slot in the unit that can be used to increase storage capacity. You can check the Quick Start Guide provided with the unit for installation instructions. If you add a second drive, you could also decide to implement Raid 0 mode via BIOS setting in the advanced menu, but Raid configurations are more error prone so make sure you have constant backups.
Preinstalled SO-DIMM memory modules can also be replaced as well for future upgrades. BIOS currently could also support 64GB in 2x32Gb configuration if you wish.

Note: Any damages or issues caused during installation or as a result of incompatible parts being used is not covered under warranty and may void the coverage. XPG will not be liable for any damage from or to third-party components that you may install, and cannot guarantee compatibility or performance aside from adhering to industry standards.
15.6" matte IPS-like panel, which offers good color reproduction (over 90% sRGB) and best viewing angles. It trades off a bit of luminosity and contrast in exchange of improving response times in both Gray-to-Gray transitions as well as Black-to-White.
The panel is clocked at 144Hz in Full-HD (1920x1080 pixels), which is plenty to increase your K/D rate on the go, and a must have for gaming.
One via HDMI, and up to two via Display Port over Thunderbolt 3 when using an appropriate splitter (sourced separately)
XPG XENIA can offer up to 10 hours in Battery Saver mode when WIFI is off and luminosity set to low, using integrated graphics. Depending on the model, settings and usage, you can expect approx. 6 to 8 hours average in Battery Saver mode doing light productivity / web browsing, and around 1.5 to 2 hours when gaming on full load.
WIFI 6 offers greatly reduced latency (up to 75% reduction) when connecting, and increased gigabit speeds up to ~1700 Mbps when paired with compatible wireless routers that supports 802.11ax and 160Mhz channel bandwidth. Those speeds may vary greatly based on local traffic, your internet provider’s bandwidth and the wireless router itself.
We are making available secondary spare power adapters to purchase from our online store for those users that do not like to carry around the AC adapter and use the laptop in multiple established locations. You can also order a second SSD if you plan to expand storage or enable RAID.
Optical-mechanical keyboard with 2mm travel, which enables an immediate actuation similar with a feeling similar to linear switches. The keyboard features also per-key RGB lighting and full N-key rollover.
Aside from the standard shortcuts found in most laptop (media controls, Airplane mode, sleep mode, display and keyboard brightness adjustments and screen toggle), this laptop features also a Windows key lock mode to avoid accidental presses when gaming.
No, XPG XENIA does not support INTEL XMP, which is not included in Gaming class H family processors.
Like most of you, we like the cleanest possible installation. We currently offer Windows 10 advanced with no bloatware and strictly necessary configuration software, plus a few preloaded background pictures of our Epic story and a free to play XPG Epic FPS demo that we used for performance testing of our hardware.
We have enabled recovery functionality by default, which is accessible by pressing F9 during boot when the XPG logo appears. As such, we also partitioned the drive in two logical units, so that you can perform a recovery operation on the C: volume without blowing your data left on the D:.
You can use Disk management tool if you prefer to remove the D: partition and Resize the logical drives. Removing the recovery partition, although not recommended, is also feasible and you can easily find instructions in forums online if you require the extra space.
Software applications and updated firmware are available on XPG XENIA’s official product website in the download area. Drivers are automatically updated via Windows Update as per Windows 10 requirement.
XPG PRIME (beta) is an XPG flavored control center software for XPG XENIA laptops. It allows you to adjust RGB lighting effects of the keyboard and front light bar, tweak power modes (Performance, Standard and Battery Saver, including changing fan profiles for acoustic performance) as well as monitor your hardware usage.
The software also enables an On-Screen-Display for the available shortcuts via Function Keys.
This version is specific for notebooks only, hence the beta marking. It is also a separate development effort from the XPG PRIME ecosystem application that supports other XPG devices.

Can’t find the answer to your question? Fill out the contact us form or email us at