Gaming Accessories


The dimensions for this product are 8.14cm (L) *2.2cm (W) *2.4cm (H). The position of M.2 slots on different gaming motherboards can vary. As a result, there might not be sufficient space for everything, such as a graphics card or PCIe3*1 slot. It is recommended users check that an extra M.2 slot is available on their motherboard and that there is sufficient space before purchasing a STORM.
This product is designed for DIY desktop PCs and not laptops. Its dimensions are 8.14cm (L) *2.2cm (W) *2.4cm (H) and therefore not suited for laptops.
The STORM's RGB lighting consists of three light bulbs, red (R), green (G), and blue (B), and they control the colors generated. At present, there are some gaming motherboards that may experience signal leakage when controlling RGB lighting, which may in turn cause problems with the generation of the most commonly used color, red.
The suggested voltage range is 10.5~12V, which allows users the flexibility to adjust fan speed in accordance with the sound volume. RGB lighting is also associated with voltage, so when the voltage drops below 11V it may affect the RGB lighting. XPG is looking to introduce a low-noise design in the future to offer users an improved experience.


Windows 7/8/10 have a built-in screenshot function called “Snipping Tool.” Follow the instructions below to set it up:
1. Go to the Start Menu and type “Snipping Tool” into the search box
2. Right-click “Snipping Tool” and choose “Properties” from the pop-up menu
3. Select the desired hot-key under the “Shortcut key” textbox
4. Use selected Shortcut key to capture screenshots

Gaming Audio


Make sure the 3.5mm jack plug is completely inserted into the SOLOX F30. To provide enhanced transmission capabilities, the audio output socket is constructed with metal, and as a result has a tighter fit. The tighter fit may cause the jack plug to appear to be completely plugged in.
Ensure your XPG headset has been set as the default audio device. Right click the sound icon on the taskbar. Select audio device (P) XPG High-Speed True HD Audio and set it as default (S).
The audio receiver is located on the side with the microphone icon and a jack socket. The light indicates if the microphone has been properly installed. It does not indicate if the microphone has been muted or is recording.


The jack plug on the EMIX I30 supports sound for the headset and the use of a microphone, and is therefore best suited for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. PCs support sound and the use of a microphone via separate sockets, so for the EMIX I30 to work properly with a PC a Single-Input Dual-Output (SIDO) converter is required.