PRECOG Gaming Headset

Our testing showed no issues with all the latest portable consoles and gaming phones. At the time of launch; we only encountered compatibility issues with devices that only support 2 Channels via USB and with some newer Huawei phones.. However; most of these devices still offer a headphone jack.

We have tested our headphones with success with many different software including DISCORD; Teamspeak; Skype; and several other apps with success. BTW; the headset works great for conference calls too!

The processing of cancellation is done close to real time with no audible time lag. Delays in voice transmissions are dependent on network topology and software package transmission priorities.

XPG PRECOG has a high sampling rate (24 KHz instead of the usual 18 KHz on other headsets) thanks to a higher-end dual-chip DSP solution for the Analog-To-Digital conversion (ADC).

Both technologies are designed to eliminate noise, however they utilize different methods to achieve this and are used for different purposes:
● ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) generates sound waves that are the same as the external noise and thus cancels each other out for a more immersive headphone experience.
● ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) eliminates ambient noise received by the microphone so that users can clearly communicate with others.

Although ordinary people cannot perceive sound waves over 20 KHz (including music producers), sound waves over 20KHz can improve the auditory sensations through resonance.

3.5mm connectors do not provide enough power to turn the LEDs on. Therefore; LEDs are only available via USB.

Hi-Res content is lossless and requires an analog signal for optimal performance. Audio Class Devices via USB compromise on range of depth in exchange for higher compatibility and portability.

Microphones, ear cups, carrying cases, and cables come with a six-month warranty.

If the microphone, ear cups, carrying case, or cables are worn out due to long-term use, you can purchase new replacements so that you can continue to enjoy your PRECOG headset.

After connecting the PRECOG's USB TYPE-C controller to your PC, two endpoints devices will appear in Windows, namely the XPG PRECOG and XPG Team Chat. You can set the XPG PRECOG as the default audio device, which can be used for gaming and music listening.
However, when you use communication software such as Discord, Skype, Teamspeak, etc., you can set the output device to Team Chat to ensure your teammates will not be affected when you are in Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound mode or FPS mode.

Please click on the following link to download the latest firmware.