PRECOG ANALOG Gaming Headset

Electrostatic drivers use static electricity to create an electric field. This draws and repels the thin diaphragm to and from a pair of metal plates that sandwich it. Each plate is perforated, forcing airflow. This movement in conjunction with the constantly changing electric signal moving the diaphragm creates sound. The absence of moving metal components allows these drivers to produce a virtually distortion-free sound. Dynamic drivers adeptly reproduce low-end frequencies.

The XPG PRECOG ANALOG headset uses a 3.5mm audio cable and is thus compatible with mobile devices with 3.5 mm jacks.

Yes. However the host device must also support Hi-Res Audio.

Only a USB TYPE-C control box can support LEDs. The 3.5mm interface does not support lighting.

XPG PRECOG ANALOG is a more basic version of the XPG PRECOG. The headphone body is exactly the same. The XPG PRECOG is equipped with a USB TYPE-C control box. XPG PRECOG ANALOG is equipped with a 3.5mm control box. Both models support Hi-Res Audio.