CORE REACTOR II Power Supply Unit



CORE REACTOR II is a top-performing power supply unit designed for ATX 3.0 & ATX 3.1 compliance with a modular cable design and an 80 PLUS GOLD certification. These power supplies thrive in high-performance scenarios like servers or workstation setups, where a lot of power is needed.

Next-Gen Ready - ATX 3.0 & ATX 3.1 COMPLIANT

CORE REACTOR II series power supply units meet Intel ATX 3.0 & ATX 3.1 design guide specifications and feature a 12VHPWR connector. By upgrading to an ATX 3.0 & ATX 3.1-compliant power supply, you'll be fully equipped for the upcoming wave of high-performance components. A must for the modern gamer, creator, or AI developer. Stay ahead of the curve by upgrading to an ATX 3.0 & ATX 3.1 PSU, the new standard in PC hardware.

Certified GOLD Efficiency

CORE REACTOR II units recieved 80 PLUS GOLD certifications for efficiency, achieving up to 91.40% (115V) efficiency at 50% load. It comes in 1200W, 1000W,  850W, 750W, and 650W models for varying user needs and scenarios. It's the perfect PSU for mid-to-high level components, including the latest CPUs and GPUs.

Intelligent Fan-Curve Design

The intelligent fan curve ensures quiet operation, even under full power load. By starting the fan at a low RPM, fan performance is both enhanced and extended, thereby increasing the power supply unit's lifespan.

Premium all 105°C Japanese Capacitors

CORE REACTOR II features top-tier 105°C Japanese capacitors, ensuring exceptional stability and reliability of the PSU for many years of dependable performance.

8 Industrial Protections with 10-Year Warranty

CORE REACTOR II is protected by 8 industrial-level protection mechanisms and backed by a 10-Year Warranty, ensuring the safety and stability of both the unit and the system.