XPG PRECOG S is XPG’s latest gaming headset and the next addition to the PRECOG series. 50mm-driver superb sound-quality delivers an immersive gaming experience. Comfortable ear cushions with breathable fabric and an auto-adjusting headband offer long-lasting gaming sessions without distractions or discomfort. Spatial 3D Audio Support via Windows Sonic, XPG PRECOG S can quickly and easily create a spatially aware sound experience for everyone on compatible platforms.

Superb 50mm-Driver Sound Quality

XPG PRECOG S is well-engineered with sound chamber delivering clean and crisp sound output with deep, powerful bass, ideal for audio heavy game genres from FPS to MMORPG, for an immersive gaming experience.

High Sensitivity Omnidirectional Microphone

The microphone features frequency range from 100-8000Hz to ensure optimal signal delivery quality with clarity and precision.

300g Lightweight Class

XPG PRECOG S only weighs 300g and features soft, adaptable ear cups and headband for maximum comfort.

Comfortable Gaming Sessions

The auto-adjustable headband adapts to the user’s head and the ear cups swivel, offering more flexibility and comfort to different gamers of all shapes and sizes.

On-Ear Volume Control and Mute Switch

The quick-access design places the volume control and mute switch in a convenient location so gamers can quickly adjust their audio and get back into the game.

Immersive Audio

XPG PRECOG S is designed to be a comfortable gaming headset that makes no compromises in audio quality as a result. Spatial 3D Audio Support via Windows Sonic delivers an immersive, spatially aware experience.

3.5mm Connector with Y-Cable Accessory

Quickly jack-in to any compatible device with 3.5mm connector; and an Audio Y-Cable included as an accessory.