XPG FRONTLINE Gaming Mouse Pad's microfiber weave surface ensures effortless precision and comfort while gaming. Available in XL size, FRONTLINE provides ample space for your entire gaming setup, making it the perfect foundation for your battlestation.

Stable Mouse Pad Grip

XPG FRONTLINE mouse pad's anti-slip rubber base provides a stable and responsive tracking experience for every intense flick and swipe.

3mm Cushioned Comfort

The 3mm thick soft microfiber cloth surface and cushioned rubber base provides a comfortable feel, minimizing wrist and hand fatigue during extended gaming sessions.

Wrinkles Free

Crafted with a premium microfiber surface, XPG FRONTLINE defies creases and ripples, ensuring smooth, consistent tracking even after repeated rolling and unfurling.

Robust Binding Stitch

The reinforced stitching prevents the mousepad perimeter from fraying, providing durability and prolonging its lifespan.

Ample Size for All of Your Gear

Unlock your gaming potential with the vast surface of the XPG FRONTLINE XL mouse pad. Enjoy the freedom to tailor your setup without the confines of a smaller pad.