The XPG SORCERER MINI Gaming Keyboard features a space-saving 65% form factor. Its compact yet fully functional design maximizes desk space without sacrificing essential functionality, offering a seamless typing experience while keeping all necessary keys within reach. Designed with a gasket mount style, three-layered dampening foam, and hot-swappable key switches, it delivers an unparalleled typing experience. Incorporating XPG Red Switch, featuring a smooth POM stem, the SORCERER MINI ensures exceptionally smooth keystrokes. Additionally, its per-key RGB lighting, managed by the intuitive PRIME software, empowers users with limitless customization possibilities.

65% Form Factor

The SORCERER MINI's 65% compact form factor and sleek design are tailored not only for optimizing workspace but also for meeting the specific needs of gamers. By removing excess keys while retaining essential functionality, this keyboard ensures that all necessary controls are conveniently accessible, reducing hand movement and enhancing gaming performance. Its compact size not only maximizes desk space but also allows for greater freedom of mouse movement, crucial for precise gaming actions. 

XPG Red Switch

The XPG Red Switch is meticulously designed for gamers and typists, prioritizing a seamless typing experience. Its POM stem features exceptional strength and minimal friction, ensuring superior smoothness and responsiveness.

Operation Force
50±15 gf
2.0±0.5 mm
Travel Distance
4.0 mm Max.
Key Stroke
50 Million

Liner Switch

Clear Rebound

Triple-Layered Damping Foam

The SORCERER MINI’s  triple-layered damping foam transforms typing into a quiet and stable experience. By absorbing key vibrations, it minimizes noise, making it perfect for shared spaces. Moreover, this damping design enhances key stability, providing consistent feedback and reducing finger fatigue during extended use.

Dynamic Lighting Experience

The SORCERER MINI keyboard's Per-Key RGB feature offers dynamic lighting customization. Supported by the intuitive PRIME software, allowing users to fine-tune lighting effects to match their mood, style, or gaming setup. From subtle glows to pulsating waves, each key boasts individual RGB lighting, enabling users to personalize their keyboard with vibrant colors and effects through PRIME software.

Detachable USB-C Cable

XPG SORCERER MINI comes with a detachable USB Type-C cable for easy setup, packing, and storage.

3-Level Adjustable Height Ergonomic Design

The SORCERER MINI features a three-level adjustable height design, allowing users to tailor their typing experience according to their preferences.

Customize Everything

Get the most out of your XPG device and elevate your gaming experience to the next level with XPG PRIME.

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