XPG VENTO 120 ARGB PWM cooling fan is designed for peak performance and style, featuring a 4-Pin PWM connector, ARGB lighting effects, and a Rifle Bearing for quiet operation and durability. Its daisy-chain capability, combined with high static pressure and an auto-restart feature, ensure optimal cooling efficiency. Compatible with all major ARGB management software, it offers limitless customization options. Elevate your cooling setup with the XPG VENTO 120 ARGB PWM fan.

4-Pin PWM Connector

XPG VENTO 120 ARGB PWM allows for precise control over the fan's speed, responding dynamically to changes in system temperature. This ensures optimal cooling performance tailored to the demands of your PC, while also minimizing power consumption and noise levels.

Daisy-Chain Capable

With its daisy-chain feature and ARGB lighting effect synchronization, the XPG VENTO 120 ARGB PWM fan simplifies installation while offering seamless connectivity and dazzling lighting effects across multiple units for an enhanced cooling experience without clutter.

Rifle Bearing

The XPG VENTO 120 ARGB PWM fan leverages a Rifle Bearing, ensuring not only low-noise operation but also an extended lifespan for reliable performance over time. 

Cooling Performance

The XPG VENTO 120 ARGB PWM fan delivers exceptional cooling efficiency with 50.27 ±10% CFM airflow and 1.5mm H2O static pressure. Expect optimal temperature regulation even during intense gaming sessions.

Auto-Restart Mechanism

The fan incorporates an auto-restart mechanism, safeguarding against potential malfunctions caused by rotation issues. This feature not only ensures uninterrupted cooling but also protects both the fan and associated electrical equipment from damage. By preventing any electrical harm within the rotational motor, it ensures safety and reliable performance under most conditions.

ARGB Software Compatible

The XPG VENTO 120 ARGB PWM fan offers seamless compatibility with ARGB software from most motherboard brands. This compatibility ensures effortless integration into your existing setup, allowing you to synchronize the fan's stunning ARGB lighting effects with the rest of your system’s components. The XPG VENTO 120 ARGB PWM fan provides unparalleled versatility, enabling you to create a cohesive and visually captivating environment tailored to your preferences.

Package Contents

The XPG VENTO 120 ARGB fan is available in both single pack and triple pack options, providing flexibility to meet your specific cooling needs. Whether you're looking to enhance airflow in a single system or upgrade multiple setups simultaneously, we've got you covered. Elevate your PC cooling with the convenience and versatility of the XPG VENTO 120 ARGB cooling fan.