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XPG SLINGSHOT is an all-round gaming mouse offering a combination of high performance and gamer-tailored customization via XPG PRIME software. The :Exoskeleton design language is about finding the balance between form and function, and this is exemplified in the XPG SLINGSHOT via material choice, body design, and its gaming centered quality of life features. From the outer casing to the braided cable, SLINGSHOT weighs a mere 73g. SLINGSHOT features a PMW 3360 optical sensor, ideal for accuracy and agility focused games.

:Exoskeleton Design Language

One of the key contributors to SLINGSHOT’s lightweight is the :Exoskeleton design language. Precise calculation of the distribution of the triangles shape over the outer casing, simultaneously allows the lighting effect to be more visible while maintaining comfort when holding the mouse for long gaming sessions.

Pixart PMW 3360 Optical Sensor

XPG SLINGSHOT offers the perfect balance of value, accuracy, and quality. With 6 preset DPI settings baked into the mouse and a conveniently placed DPI button at the top, users can quickly adjust their mouse sensitivity for any gaming scenario from 400 to 12,000 DPI, ideal for players of all genres ranging from MMORPG games to FPS games.

Customizable Buttons

The forward and backward switches can be customized by XPG PRIME software to meet any gaming performance.

Featherweight Braided Cable

XPG SLINGSHOT’s cable is braided with soft, lightweight materials to minimize snags and maximize maneuverability.

Customizable Key Assignments

Both the left and right keys can be customized by XPG PRIME software for a variety of assignments, and the key switches are designed to last up to 20 million clicks.

Customize Everything

Get the most out of your XPG device and elevate your gaming experience to the next level with XPG PRIME. 

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