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XPG Launches New Comic Series “Xtreme Saga – The Trials of Mera"


XPG Launches New Comic Series “Xtreme Saga – The Trials of Mera”

Taipei, Taiwan – 30 August, 2023 – XPG, a fast-growing provider of systems, components, and peripherals for Gamers, Esports Pros, and Tech Enthusiasts, today released the latest addition to their ongoing sci-fi franchise, Xtreme Saga. This new comic series, titled “Xtreme Saga – The Trials of Mera,” is adapted from the Xtreme Saga novel, titled “Xtreme Saga Book I: The War for Rig.” The first three issues of the comic are now available on the official Xtreme Saga website, as well as multiple traditional web comic platforms, depending on your region and language preferences as a reader.

The Xtreme Saga comic is brought to life by a skilled team of creatives, including the author, Terrence Sellers, of the novel the comic is adapted from. This version of the Xtreme Saga story offers a visual retelling of the overarching narrative with a focus on XPG’s brand ambassador, Mera, and the specific day to day challenges she faces on her quest to rescue her sister, Adara, from the Cult of Ios. XPG has collaborated with renowned Taiwanese comic artist Yu-Chung Chang to create a vivid, engaging adventure for readers of all ages. The comic’s debut includes the release of the first three issues with subsequent issues promised on a bi-weekly release schedule, offering readers a thrilling adventure that they can return to regularly.

Set in a distant galaxy filled with technological wonders and fantastical beings, “Xtreme Saga – The Trials of Mera” follows the story of Mera, a young gamer trying to survive the hardships of orphanhood on planet Rig. When her sister is abducted by the Cult of Ios, imperialist invaders that have captured her home planet, Mera embarks on a journey to rescue her only living family and topple to tyrannical rulers plaguing her world. Throughout her quest, Mera must make allies, overcome challenging obstacles, learn new skills, and confront formidable foes in the hopes of saving her people from annihilation.

“The release of ‘Xtreme Saga – The Trials of Mera’ marks a significant milestone for the XPG brand. Not only does it demonstrate our determination to create engaging content for the ACG community, but it also represents a vital way to share the Xtreme Saga story with more people. We believe very strongly in our brand ambassador, Mera, and the story we’ve crafted around her. By leveraging different entertainment mediums, we aim to introduce and endear Mera, and the XPG brand, to a much broader audience than could be accomplished via traditional marketing endeavors. Xtreme Saga has already been adapted into original novels, animated episodes, and now a comic series, strengthening the bond between gamers, readers, and the XPG brand, allowing us to grow our brand resonance and value with consumers in a diverse, highly competitive entertainment environment,” remarked XPG Marketing Director, Cheryl Chu.

You can check out the first three issues of “Xtreme Saga – The Trials of Mera” now on the official Xtreme Saga website. While there, you can also read the first two chapters of the Xtreme Saga novel and learn more about other characters and projects related to XPG’s sci-fi franchise.

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