The XPG SLINGSHOT MERA Edition combines exceptional performance and comfort with a captivating living coral color inspired by XPG's brand ambassador and the star of Xtreme Saga, Mera. The sleek :Exoskeleton design harmoniously blends form and function. Weighing a mere 73g, this lightweight mouse provides effortless maneuverability. Equipped with a PMW 3360 optical sensor and the ability to personalize preferences in XPG PRIME ecosystem management software, XPG SLINGSHOT offers precise tracking and enhanced agility, making it ideal for accuracy-driven and fast-paced competitive gaming.

Game Better with Mera

Get ready to embark on a thrilling gaming adventure with the ultimate gaming gear by XPG - MERA Edition Gear. Inspired by Mera's iconic hair and battle armor, this collection features stunning living coral accent colors with a black foundation. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to show off your love for Mera and take your gaming to new heights with XPG MERA edition gaming gear!

:Exoskeleton Design Language

The :Exoskeleton design language is a key factor contributing to the lightweight nature of XPG SLINGSHOT. Through precise calculation of the distribution of triangular shapes on the outer casing, this design enhances the visibility of the lighting effects while ensuring comfort during extended gaming sessions.

Pixart PMW 3360 Optical Sensor

The XPG SLINGSHOT offers a perfect balance of value, accuracy, and quality. With 6 preset DPI settings and a convenient DPI button, users can quickly adjust sensitivity from 400 to 12,000 DPI, making it ideal for any and all game genres.

Personalize Your Gear

The durable key switches in the XPG Slingshot are designed to provide long-lasting performance, with a lifespan of up to 20 million clicks. Customize all the keys and buttons to suit your preferences. Elevate your gameplay even further with XPG PRIME ecosystem management software.

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