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XPG Unveils VENTO PRO 120 PWM Fan

Taipei, Taiwan – November 10, 2020 – XPG, a provider of systems, components, and peripherals for Gamers, Esports Pros, and Tech Enthusiasts, today announces the XPG VENTO PRO 120 PWM fan. Designed in collaboration with Nidec, the XPG VENTO PRO 120 PWM is customized for discerning gamers and PC enthusiasts that seek for ultimate in PC cooling.

Based on Nidec’s famous Gentle Typhoon fan design, the XPG VENTO PRO 120 PWM has a high static pressure of up to 3.15mm H₂O and can pull up to 75 CFM airflow to circulate into the chassis, making it an ideal air intake or exhaust fan to complement water-cooling systems.

"We congratulate XPG on the launch of the VENTO PRO 120 PWM and are delighted that our fan design is a part of it,” said Masayuki Mohri, President & CEO at Nidec. “Along with the incredible cooling capabilities of our Gentle Typhoon fan, we trust gamers and others will revel in the extreme performance offered by the XPG VENTO PRO 120 PWM.”

XPG VENTO PRO 120 PWM also includes a 4-Pin connector supporting Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), to dynamically adjust fan speed by motherboard software controls for smooth speed transitioning. For convenience and enhanced modding, multiple VENTO PRO 120 PWMs can now be daisy-chained together to operate as one unit.

The XPG VENTO PRO 120 PWM is equipped with high-precision Japanese dual bearings, which allows it to withstand heavy-duty loads and endure high temperatures. The bearings also provide for quieter operations. The fan propeller is meticulously designed to reduce annoying fan noise to a more refined "vibration tone" better suited to human ears. Additional Anti-vibration rubber pads further dampen the noise to 28 dBA during maximum high speed spin of 2150 RPM. What’s more, an innovative fan motor design and motor support mechanism, which utilizes a double-vibration reduction structure and a spring instrument, further dampens and reduces vibration.

The fan has an MTTF (mean time to failure) rating of 250,000 hours at 25℃ ambient or 60,000 hours at 60℃, ideal for space-constrained builds with higher internal temperatures.

XPG VENTO 120 PRO PWM comes with an extra-long 5-year warranty for extra peace of mind.

To find out about availability and prices in specific markets, please contact your nearest XPG representative via www.xpg.com.


XPG (XTREME PERFORMANCE GEAR) was established by ADATA to provide high-performance products to gamers, esports pros, and tech enthusiasts. We are committed to developing products that deliver extreme performance and therefore work closely with the gaming and esports community to gain insight into the real needs of users. We provide a full range of products from systems, components, peripherals to devices, and create them with the highest standards of stability, reliability, and performance in mind. We also develop products with sheer cool designs that have earned us several prestigious international awards, such as iF Design and Good Design. Beyond products, we play an active role in sponsoring and supporting esports events and teams globally to realize extreme gaming experiences at the highest levels.

About Nidec

Nidec Servo is one of the group company of the world's No.1 small sized and precious motor manufacturer Nidec. As a member of Nidec, we develop and provide hybrid stepping motor and fan as technology oriented company. We manufacture 3 million unit per month. All of our products are developed based on customers' needs and demands, and we added our own technology and know-how. Electrical technology, mechanical technology for structural designing, electrical technology for control designing and software, we unify those technologies, and providing our value to our customers.

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