Issued on : 09-23-2020

XPG Unveils XPG GAIA Mini Gaming PC

A compact yet surprisingly powerful system for epic gaming and creativity

Taipei, Taiwan – September 23, 2020 – XPG, a provider of systems, components, and peripherals for Gamers, Esports Pros, and Tech Enthusiasts, today announces the XPG GAIA mini gaming PC. The XPG GAIA is a compact 5-liter system designed for gamers and creators who have limited desktop space but don't want to compromise computing power and features.

Based on Intel® NUC 9 Extreme Kit - Ghost Canyon, the XPG GAIA sports up to an Intel® Core™ i9-9980HK processor that operates at up to 5.0GHz and features eight cores. It also generates less heat and consumes less power thanks to its low TDP of 45W. What's more, the XPG GAIA can be equipped with an additional graphics card, up to 202mm to make it future-proof.

With a compact 5-liter form factor, the XPG GAIA will free up precious space on desktops or tables to keep things tidy. Its size makes it ideal for smaller spaces, such as dorm rooms, studio apartments, and small offices. The small form factor also makes it relatively easy to move around should the need arise, great for bringing to LAN parties or influencers on-the-go. Its clean and minimalist exterior design with side mesh panels fit perfectly in just about any space. Beyond just form, the side mesh panels also provide effective optimal thermal control and cooling superior to that of notebook PCs.

The XPG GAIA comes with 32GB (2x16GB) 3200MHz sorted DRAM, which provides ultimate stability and breathtaking speeds while also supporting Intel XMP 2.0 for hassle-free and stable overclocking. Meanwhile, an award-winning XPG SX8200 Pro solid state drive offers sequential read/write speeds of up to 3500/3000 per second. Also, it has a powerful yet highly efficient Flex ATX power supply with a 500W 80 Plus Platinum rating, which can maintain low noise levels of up to 40dB, ensuring minimal distraction.

Beyond its core performance characteristics, the XPG GAIA also comes with a host of essential features that will make gaming and content creation at home more effortless. With Wi-Fi 6 support, the XPG GAIA enables routers to communicate with more devices at once and send data to multiple devices in the same broadcast with a wider transmission range. Moreover, users will also enjoy versatile I/O connectivity with Thunderbolt™ 3 for hassle-free connectivity with additional monitors and other external devices.

The XPG GAIA is now available in the Americas and Japan. XPG will provide a limited amount of a free copy of Marvel’s Avengers with each purchase of the XPG GAIA. Please visit for more product information or to contact an XPG representative.

XPG (XTREME PERFORMANCE GEAR) was established by ADATA to provide high-performance products to gamers, esports pros, and tech enthusiasts. We are committed to developing products that deliver extreme performance and therefore work closely with the gaming and esports community to gain insight into the real needs of users. We provide a full range of products from systems, components, peripherals to devices, and create them with the highest standards of stability, reliability, and performance in mind. We also develop products with sheer cool designs that have earned us several prestigious international awards, such as iF Design and Good Design. Beyond products, we play an active role in sponsoring and supporting esports events and teams globally to realize extreme gaming experiences at the highest levels.

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