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Under the normal mode; the static color is red of your XPG SUMMONER. Static colors are assigned by default to each gaming profile as follows: Profile 1: blue;Profile 2: indigo; Profile 3: white; Profile 4: green; Profile 5: yellow.

Under the normal mode, Windows key can be disabled or abled by pressing “FN” + “WINDOWS” key. Windows key is disabled by default when gaming mode is on, including when under any gaming profiles and cannot be activated.
【XPG SUMMONER How-to Video】How to disable Windows key-

Please use a clean damp cloth to clean the product properly.
Do not apply any soap or solvent agent on the surface to preserve its integrity.

XPG SUMMONER offers onboard lighting effects, and via XPG PRIME software there are more lighting effect options available for gamers to customize.

Default lighting effects:

-Press FN + UP/DOWN arrow key to adjust the lighting brightness.
There are 5 brightness levels in the following sequence: OFF / 25% / 50% / 75% / 100%
-Press FN + LEFT/RIGHT arrow key to choose a lighting effect
There are 7 predefined Lighting effects in the following sequence: Static / Breathing / Trigger / Explosion / Color Cycle / Color Wave / WASD mode
-For more information please visit【XPG SUMMONER How-to Video】How to adjust the RGB lighting effects on XPG SUMMONER-

XPG SUMMONER accessories include a magnetic wrist rest; additional nine red keycaps (WASD; four arrow keys and ESC) and a keycap puller.

CHERRY MX switches are the absolute industry benchmarks; developed and manufactured in Germany.

You can remove the keycaps using the keycap puller.

The original launch version of the XPG SUMMONER firmware did not support software controls aside what was preprogrammed via key shortcuts. That changed with the release of firmware update v1003. Now, you're no longer required to remember cumbersome shortcuts to record macros or assign static colors via profiles. This is because all such functions are now handled via the XPG PRIME ecosystem management software.

-    XPG PRIME provides several ways to assign lighting effects with different levels of customization; including the ability to design your own effects per each LED, or instantly apply changes to the entire color layout with simple one-click selection options.

-    It provides a highly customizable Macro Editor, enabling users to create up to 50 sets of macros and bind each one to 128 different keys.

-    You can also now customize your own shortcuts. Please note that all available default non-customized keyboard shortcuts are highlighted on the keyboard when you hold down the function (fn) key.


Click the following link to download the latest available version of XPG PRIME ecosystem management software.