INVADER X Mid-Tower PC Chassis

The riser cable included in some configurations of Invader X is made of high-quality materials and tested to withstand transfer rates of up to 16GT/s as per PCIe Gen4 specifications. 

While XPG tested a variety of combinations of GPUs/motherboards without issue, we have seen limited reports of occasional issues with specific combinations and vendors. 

Those issues may include GPU cards not being recognized or occasional freezes. In particular a limited number of AMD Ryzen motherboards on B550, B650 and A620 Series Chipsets have seen issues when paired to higher end last-generation GPUs, due to design choices and tolerance levels of some PCIe connectors.

The recommended course of action is to:

1 – Make sure that the cable is properly seated on both ends and connectors are properly locked and aligned. Try disconnecting and reconnecting the cable, making sure that the cable is twist-free and has a natural loop without folding or straining the cable.

2 – Try a different PCIe slot and double-check that the slot you are using is enabled from BIOS setup for enough PCIe lanes for your device. Also, check also if there is a PCIe transfer mode option to ensure that the proper generation of PCIe version has been selected that satisfies both your device and motherboard. 

3 – Look for more recent Bios updates from your motherboard vendor.

4 – Update chipset and GPU drivers to the latest available and make sure your OS is up-to-date and not pending any updates in the background.

5 – If problems persist, please contact XPG Support at for further instructions.