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XPG Announces Xtreme Saga Fan Club Wave 2: CryptoMera NFT Collection

The Next Phase of the Meraverse

Taipei, Taiwan – December 8th, 2022 – XPG, a fast-growing provider of systems, components, and peripherals for Gamers, Esports Pros, and Tech Enthusiasts, today announced plans for the Xtreme Saga Fan Club’s second NFT minting. Xtreme Saga Fan Club is a special limited access membership program from XPG powered by Web3 technologies. The program launched their first set of NFTs earlier this year with a great deal of success. The entire set of 999 NFTs were sold within just two hours of going public. Since then, the Web3 focused XPG Discord server has continued to grow at an exponential rate. In the wake of so many eager fans of both the Xtreme Saga animated series and the membership program, XPG has finally announced the second collection of NFTs, called “CryptoMera.”


It’s About Meeting Public Demand

The Xtreme Saga Fan Club has never been about profit for XPG. The brand simply wanted to try out the new technology as a new way to engage with fans. This is why they gave the profits made in the first mint back to the buyers in the form of a raffle. The fact that the 999 NFTs issued have maintained their floor price for this long is an indicator that more people want Xtreme Saga NFTs. Of the 99 rare Mera NFTs issued, only one of them is currently available for sale on the secondary market place; and it’s priced at 20x the original mint price. Proof that people do not want to sell or trade these NFTs. They actually just like owning them. These clear examples of high demand are the reason that XPG has decided to issue a second collection of NFTs in such a short time period. The company always works to give the people what they want.

The official CryptoMera website went live today, with the announcement of the second wave of blind box NFT minting taking place on January 18th, 2023. Fans and interested parties can track the latest news and updates about Xtreme Saga Fan Club NFTs and community events through both the website and the official Discord server. On the server, users can interact directly with XPG’s Web3 team and the rest of the highly active Xtreme Saga Fan Club community.  


Featured in the Next Collection

The CryptoMera NFT collection will feature 1,001 NFTs. In addition to the characters featured in the first collection (Mera, Xenia, and Gaia), the CryptoMera collection will also add Prime and Adara NFTs; two other key characters in the Xtreme Saga universe. In this collection, there will also be SR and SSR rarity level Mera NFTs. Those interested in joining the whitelist for this collection should watch the official Discord server very closely, as all the details and updates as well as the final announcement of whitelist members will be released there. As this collection is already in high demand, the only sure way to grab a CryptoMera NFT is through diligence; and probably a bit of luck at this point.

The ultimate goal of the CryptoMera collection, and the Xtreme Saga Fan Club project in general, is to expand the ways XPG can interact with fans of the brand. Through the use of blockchain technology coupled with specially designed interaction mechanisms and user feedback, XPG can transcend traditional seller and purchaser dynamics with gamers. Together in the Meraverse, technology, gaming, and real life can intertwine to create exciting experiences for everyone involved. Through owning XPG NFTs, gamers can unlock a whole new way to interact with both each other and XPG. They’re more than just fancy JPG files. They’re a ticket to the future!


Xtreme Saga Fan Club: CryptoMera Details

Please be aware of the following Xtreme Saga Fan Club: CryptoMera collection dates:

CryptoMera Pre-Sale Opening: 1/16/2023

CryptoMera Public Sale Opening: 1/18/2023

CryptoMera NFT Reveal: 2/10/2023


For more information about the Xtreme Saga Fan Club CryptoMera collection, please visit the official website at https://pse.is/news1208.

Additionally, you can contact XPG directly with any questions on the official XPG Discord server at


You can also check out the second episode of the Xtreme Saga animated series on YouTube at





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