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As most mice, just connect the XPG PRIMER to your device via its USB port and your OS will automatically recognize the mouse within the built-in USB HID driver.

XPG PRIMER was designed mainly for casual gamers that want a good mouse with all ley functionalities and for those who are approaching gaming mice for the first time. The mouse was created with simplicity in mind without falling short on a durable high quality build. It was sculpted for right-handed users and the curves have been studied to be adaptable well for all types of grips on small and medium sizes hands. Larger hands are also suitable for fingertip grips. The raised center ridge on the buttons is ideal to help finding immediately an optimal curvature for fingers and to apply an ideal pressure for rapid and precise clicks.

You can select RGB effects with the dedicated RGB button located below the scroll wheel, under the DPI Selector.

The XPG PRIMER has 3 light effects. Default effect is color wave. If the light is turned off, you can press the RGB setting key to check and change the current light setting.

XPG Primer has 6 DPI settings. Default is 800 DPI. To change the setting during gameplay simply press the DPI button right underneath the scroll wheel. When the new setting is being stored in the internal memory the light will flash 3 times to indicate that the new setting has been saved as default

XPG Primer features three polling rates, 250Hz (blue), 500Hz (green), and 1000Hz (red). To change polling rates, hold down the right button and scroll wheel together for 3 seconds. Light will flash to indicate that the new adjustment has been stored successfully.