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The software requires Windows 10 and above to run.

Please try the following steps in order:

1. RESET PRIME to Default
Move your mouse to the top-right corner of XPG PRIME. Hover over “Hi, Guest ” to reveal the “Reset” function. Click the Reset button to reset PRIME software to default settings.

2. RESET keyboard or mouse to Default
Keyboard: Hold FN + ESC for 5 seconds.
Slingshot Mouse: Hold Forward Button + Backward Button + DPI Button for 5 seconds.

3. Enter Settings menu and check both product firmware and PRIME versions. If either firmware is not the latest available version, please UPDATE to the latest version. 

4. If the problem remains, please Contact us and provide the following information: 
Product Firmware and PRIME versions.
Photos/Videos of the problem.
How to reproduce the problem (scenario or steps). 

On top of the mouse you can find a triangular button that can be used as  DPI button, but there are more:

Preset 6 DPI steps from 400, 800, 1600 ,3200, 6400, and 16000 (max). When switching between each step, a different indicating color serves as a visually notification. And when connected to XPG PRIME software, the lowest DPI step can be adjusted to 100. The number of DPI steps can also be changed ranging from one to six, depending on your preference and gaming habit.

After downloading and installing the software, connect the mouse to PC to begin customization with XPG PRIME software.

XPG PRIME software offers 1 main functions: to set up Lighting. 

User can quickly change the lighting effect with presets, or advance to more detailed settings such as individual lighting sectors and brightness on the mouse.