CORE REACTOR II VE Modular Power Supply



XPG CORE REACTOR II VE empowers your system with efficient power delivery. It’s compatible with Intel’s latest ATX 3.1 design guidelines and has a dedicated 12V-2x6 connector for the latest graphics cards. This unit boasts a DC-DC circuit design for enhanced performance, stability, and consistency, with exceptional ripple control and hold-up time surpassing Intel's specifications. It has 8 industrial protections fortifying its durability, safeguarding both the unit and your system.

ATX 3.1 Compatible

XPG CORE REACTOR II VE integrates seamlessly with ATX 3.1 standards, enhancing performance and reliability. With a dedicated 12V-2x6 connector, it ensures optimal compatibility with the latest graphics card requirements, delivering advanced power delivery and efficiency.

12V-2x6 Connector

The provided 12V-2x6 connector ensures direct and efficient power delivery to critical components, maximizing system stability and performance. By minimizing voltage drops and optimizing efficiency, this connector guarantees consistent and reliable power for your system's demanding needs.

DC-DC Circuit Design

XPG CORE REACTOR II VE’s DC-DC circuit design maximizes efficiency and reliability by converting power directly to the required output voltage. This enhances system stability, reduces heat generation, and prolongs hardware lifespan.

Low Ripple Noise Design

XPG CORE REACTOR II VE features a low ripple noise design, surpassing Intel's specifications with ripple levels below 60mV at +12V and below 40mV at +5V and +3.3V. This ensures stable power delivery, minimizes electrical interference, and enhances system performance, providing a seamless computing experience.

>15ms Hold Up Time

XPG CORE REACTOR II VE boasts an impressive hold-up time, surpassing Intel’s  standards with over 15ms of uninterrupted power delivery. This ensures reliable operation under challenging conditions, making it the perfect choice for high-performance computing setups.

8 Industrial Protections

XPG CORE REACTOR II VE offers 8 industrial-grade protections, shielding your system from over-voltage, under-voltage, overcurrent, short circuits, and more. With this comprehensive protection suite, you can rely on uninterrupted performance with peace of mind, even in the wake of electrical anomalies.

140mm Length

XPG CORE REACTOR II VE's compact 140mm length design maximizes space efficiency without compromising on performance. Its sleek form factor ensures easy integration into various PC setups and chassis, delivering uncompromising power and reliability.