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The power supply units that utilize Japanese Capacitors are XPG FUSION, XPG CYBERCORE Series, XPG CORE REACTOR Series, and XPG PYLON.

The power supply units that have DC-DC circuit design are XPG FUSION, XPG CYBERCORE Series, XPG CORE REACTOR Series, and XPG PYLON.

To ensure the power delivery efficiency is up for the expectation, both PCI-E and CPU cables of XPG CYBERCORE offer 16AWG thickness for better power delivery, efficiency and conductivity. The benefit with the 16AWG thickness also ensures full power +12V output, notably for high wattages XPG CYBERCORE 1300W and 1000W. The output current of 1300W is 108.33A, and for 1000W the output current is 83.33A. Better conductivity means less heat expelled from the cables, and safer overall for the system.

The power supply selects XPG VENTO PRO 120 PWM Fan by Nidec as its cooling source to dissipate heat. XPG and Nidec partnered back in 2020 with the new PWM feature, and XPG CYBERCORE is the second collaboration with Nidec. The brand successfully accumulates numerous accolades with patented cooling solutions in various industries, and for the desktop fan field Nidec’s famous GentleTyphoon series has been the sensation to PC users for decades. The fan is famous for its innovative fan blade design, capable of generating high static pressure and airflow, at the same time reduce vibration and operating noise. Its Japanese precision Dual Bearings further boost efficiency and stability, and prolong fan’s life expectancy. Together with the power supply unit, XPG CYBERCORE is built for the extreme performance.

Yes, XPG CYBERCORE does have the design that aims to minimize ripple noise, ultimately minimizes temperature increase and prolongs the power supply’s life expectancy. During the process, the design reduces energy loss, so at 50% load (@ 230VAC) the power supply can perform 94.18%.

XPG CYBERCORE’s capacitors are all Japanese, 105℃ rated quality. XPG CYBERCORE PLATINUM power supply uses Japanese capacitors for its reliability in performance and stability. From electrolyte system to conductivity and efficiency, XPG CYBERCORE utilizes high quality material that does not compromise in achieving 80 PLUS PLATINUM efficiency rating.

.NEVER, under any circumstances, open the power supply unit or attempt to repair the power supply yourself. This is extremely dangerous due to the high voltage.
.DO NOT insert any objects into the fan grill or the ventilation area of the power supply unit.
.DO NOT place any objects in front of the fan or the ventilation area of the power supply unit that may obstruct or restrict the airflow.
.USE ONLY the modular cables bundled with the power supply unit. DO NOT use any third party cables or extension cables with this unit.
.Avoid dust, humidity, and temperature extremes. Do not place the power supply unit in any area where it may become wet.
.The power supply unit is for integration into a computer, and not intended for external or outdoor usage.
.Failure to comply with any manufacturer instructions and/or any of these safety instructions will immediately void all warranties and guarantees.

If your system does not turn on after installing the power supply, please follow the troubleshooting guide listed below:
1. Make sure the AC main power cord is connected to your PC correctly.
2. Please make sure the AC source is switched On
3. Please make sure the AC On/Off switch on the back panel of the power supply unit in the “I” (On) position.
4. Please make sure the MB & CPU Power Socket & connectors are connected correctly on the Motherboard.
5. If you still have problem turning on your PC, please contact ADATA Tech Support, Service Center or your local dealer.

Japanese manufacturers are a leader in the development of new water-based electrolyte systems with enhanced conductivity; and they produce the most reliable and best-performing products.